Over the last few weeks, I’ve made significant changes to my station.  I found an IC-7000 locally, at a very fair price.  It’s an amazing little radio and does what had taken many pieces of equipment to accomplish previously.  With the 7000 coming into the shack, I sold off much of the gear that I had been using for HF/VHF.

Out With the Old


Both the IC-718 and Timewave DSP-59+ have left my shack.  I really enjoyed the 718.  Icom advertises it as the “get into HF rig” and that’s just what it was for me. I picked this up in like new condition 18 months ago. With this rig barefoot and a wire antenna, I worked the world, earning DXCC and WAS. I’ve tried lots of different modes with it and it never let me down.  I was sorry to see it go.

The Timewave DSP-59+ is an audio noise reduction filter I got in a package deal with my HF rig and didn’t think I’d use it much since the rig had its own DSP. As it turned out, it made a huge difference on all modes. It has noise reduction, adaptive multi-tone notch filtering, low/high/bandpass filtering, and a RTTY remodulator. I found it to be extremely useful for PSK31 as well: really bringing out the weak ones and suppressing nearby signals. When I moved it to my TR-751A that doesn’t have built in DSP, it made an even larger difference.

Kenwood TR-751A

My TR-751A is gone as well and the TenTec 1209 is for sale.  The TR-751A was a very capable 2m all mode despite its age.  The other piece of gear I sold was a Rigblaster Plus, which I had picked up to use with the 751A.  Since my Rigblaster Plug and Play works with the IC-7000, that’s all I need for digital modes on 2m and HF.

In With the New

The Crown Jewel of my updated station: The Icom 7000 HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver

Icom 7000

I also added the large and well built Voice Master Pro Speaker

A Daiwa CN-801HP Cross Needle SWR and Power Meter for HF/VHF

An RS-35A Linear Power Supply

The supply is more than necessary for the IC-7000, but I got a good deal and it should work well when I add a VHF amplifier.

Astron RS-35A

The last new piece of equipment is an Alpha-Delta DX-LB Plus.  This antenna covers all the HF bands and tunes up on 6m as well.  Here I am the (early) morning of the installation.

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  1. dear sir
    your equipment is very good.
    my calsin.. VU3TNL VENKANNA,INDIA

  2. Dear Ms. Sexton,I’m having an itneresting experience with your writing. The couple in each story I read seems immediately to become my favorite! I loved Matt and Jared (no disrespect, of course, to Jaime and Levi or Aren and Deacon).It is lovely to read stories that contain at least one gay or bisexual character who is already out and largely comfortable with him or herself. I often can’t bear tales where everyone wallows in the pain of closeted denial. I could take Matt’s struggles because of Jared’s relative centeredness. Matt, by the way, had an itneresting flavor of denial going on. There was a slightly unusual level of separation between his day-to-day awareness of himself and his submerged same-sex attraction. Most LGBT people I’ve known had moments of (at the time) terrifying clarity about their sexuality prior to coming out that led to freaking out and/or acting out. There’s often quite a series of these over time. In Matt’s relationship with Jared he seemed to have one quite monumental freak out quite late in the process of falling in love followed by the expected aftershocks, slow coming to terms, etc. I DID find it believable, especially in light of his history. And I enjoyed reading it. It also makes sense to me in a (relatively) hyper-masculine guy like Matt. There may well be a lack of hyper-masculine coming out stories in my experience. I’m fairly new to M/M romance novels, though I am certainly glad to have found them. Stories of same-sex love are rarely told (and rarely told well). I love reading them for obvious reasons, but they are also food for my soul. Gay and lesbian people (and bisexual folks in a slightly different way) often grow up in a cultural desert we do not hear the song of our hearts around us. We are barraged with explicit and implicit stories of different sex love. It is presumed. It is normative. This is deeply harmful to us. It’s why many of us crush such a precious piece of our hearts at a very young age, and have to come out and (hopefully) heal when we are older. When I was young I fell in love with pairs figure skating. It fascinated me in its beauty and precision. Many years later, by chance, I saw pairs figure skating by two men at the Gay Games in Amsterdam. I was thunderstruck, and burst into tears on the spot. They were so beautiful together! It had never occurred to me, you see, that there was anything sexual or sensual about figure skating at all. Until I saw two men skating together. FYI, I had been out for many years at that point.I get the obvious surface connection in female/male pairings. I can even analogize to a certain extent. But they’ve never resonated emotionally or sexually for me at all. In my gut they make no sense. No disrespect intended. I can see that such relationships make many people happy, and I am glad for them. It’s just not the way I am wired.Your stories feed my soul like those two skaters in Amsterdam. Thank you.Buzz

  3. I’ve been looking for a post like this forever (and a day)

  4. Thanks Don! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. If you pre-order the ebook dictrely from Riptide, you should be able to get a Nook-compatible version, plus you’ll get to download it two days prior to release. Thanks again!

  5. 3 times was a charm. Took me 3 tries but got it. The tricky part is dtiinfeely the square part and applying the adhesive to hold the sides together.Melissa”Sunshine HoneyBee”